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Prompt API

Prompt API is an API marketplace targeted for developers and /or startup founders.


Earthly is a browser extension that offsets CO2 every time you open a new tab.

TheTradable is a UGC-platform about financial markets (stocks, commodities, fx, crypto), investing and the life of traders with user-generated content. Reddit for traders.

Martini Tag Insights

Easily tag your content using AI, then analyse the subject matter that is of most interest to your users.

A powerful visual drag and drop editor for email signatures


A Luxembourg-based startup offering an open banking solution, complemented by digital onboarding, KYC and AML validations.


We've created a combination of Expedia and DoorDash for buying phone plans across several Canadian Telecom carriers.


Find your next customers and trigger a personalized message when they express a need regarding your product


Container hosting on the edge

Taskade 3.0

Realtime Organization and Collaboration Tool for Remote Teams

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