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Top Artificial Intelligence Startups


a platform with asynchronous video discussions


Employee Retention, Engagement and Learning & Development Software

SMS Gatez

The only Global A2P & P2P Feature Rich Conversational Business SMS SaaS Platform that uses A.I to answer FAQs for all Business sizes.

Scribo AI

Scribo AI - Create content in seconds, not weeks


Fastest and effortless video creation

Really a Robot

Innovative Danish startup founded to push the limits of robotics and save lives with automation, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

NeuronSW SE

Protecting machines using sound and AI


SaaS based Intelligent Recruitment Platform

Nividous Software Solutions Inc.

Nividous is a full-fledged hyperautomation platform that helps businesses to unleash the true potential of their workforce.

Paper Unicorn Games

We creating pc games

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