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Earthly is a browser extension that offsets CO2 every time you open a new tab.


Launchpad for your Browser


Qanairy is an intelligent test automation tool that helps companies test websites and web apps for bugs and errors by using AI to find, create, and repair UI tests for quality assurance.

Mockup Page

Digital agencies can increase sales and improve productivity with Mockup Page


Create dynamic images that personalize to your email recipients, website visitors and social browsers, on the fly.

Learn JavaScript

Learn JavaScript interactively & step by step


Track your browser extension app store performance


CrazyCall is easy to use and affordable cloud-based call center application which allows to make and take calls directly from the browser, without the need of installing any software.


Autto is an easy-to-use workflow automation platform for business processes


Internet launchpad enhancing the efficiency of working with web by allowing simultaneous use of multiple apps within an organized environment

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