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Top Coffee Startups


Smart list of 3000+ things to do, 100+ mini-courses and more

Crank CRM

The scalable toolkit for small businesses, no packages, just features.

The Neighborly App

A local social network where users can buy and sell goods or services from people in their neighbourhoods


True bonding for remote teams


A virtual office for remote companies


Usually analyzing and investing in stocks is a full-time job. We believe there has to be an easier way for everyday people to invest their money smarter than your average bank or ETF.

Coconut Cloud

Coconut Cloud is on a mission to replace dairy everywhere with rich and creamy coconut.


Automatically apply to your favorite jobs every day with personalized emails

Artisans List

An online directory for traditional home restoration, craftsmanship, and farm-to-table sources

The Book of Joe

Dr. Seuss for Grown-Ups

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