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DataToBiz is an Advanced data analytics consulting company offering customer analytics, spatial & marketing analytics, supply chain analytics & computer vision solutions

Next generation business analytics for project driven companies

Jerusalem Hub

Jerusalem Hub is a multi faceted international business networking and consulting company based out of Jerusalem, Israel.

MW2 Mobile

A simple and secure mobile framework for the enterprise.


WebMonks is an expert centre that makes machines see the world like humans. We bring bring state-of-the-art research in computer vision to your development.

OMNI ePartners

Seeking experienced influencers who are familiar with developing marketing tactics and strategies to promote a thriving consulting agency.


Best market research and business consulting company in India.

Dusty Dawn Consulting

We help Artists grow their art business and assist them with their marketing needs to increase awareness their sales. To learn more about our services visit us!


Helping complex businesses sell their ideas through effective presentations


WorkWeek is all-in-one service business software and support built to help small service business owners succeed.

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