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Our software speeds up your website and increases your organic search traffic. With our new Cloudflare partnership, Huckabuy's SEO Platform is dialed to create the fastest, most efficient communicatio is the largest database of premium fonts, with more than 144,000 items


Quickly build and share KPI dashboards using MySQL is the largest database of premium fonts, with more than 141,000 items

World Data Science Institute

The World Data Science Institute is a Specialized Consulting & Training Agency offering DSaaS (Data Science as a Service)


Nutrition platform for dietitians, nutritionists & coaches powered by AI. Improve client retention & success rates with our mobile app.

Martini Tag Insights

Easily tag your content using AI, then analyse the subject matter that is of most interest to your users.


A single SaaS solution for professional investment activities


We've created a combination of Expedia and DoorDash for buying phone plans across several Canadian Telecom carriers.


Remove the use of passwords altogether.

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