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Calcularium is a Descriptive, Editable, Gesture-Based & Voice Controlled Calculator (patent pending).

Stripo is an online drag-n-drop and HTML email builder.


The new standard for SaaS data import


A new internet based video platform designed to fight online fraud, misrepresentation and cat- fishing

News Bling

A 5 min daily newsletter that exposes you to liberal and conservative news outlets in one place.

Room Club

We are the first Company that will bring an "OpenTable" approach to the rental market in the UK.


Espressite is a personality-based, AI-powered website generator.


RentHero is an online rental management platform designed to make renting an easy and transparent process for agents, landlords and tenants.


rethinking business model design

Quality Driven Software

Quality Driven Software is a customer feedback tool designed to help service companies identify and correct poor customer satisfaction performance proactively.

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