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A Low-Code Platform for Developers


Startup Builder web-app featuring tools & in-app guide to help entrepreneurs build their ideas

Automated Software Testing

We help developers to focus on their creativity by automating unit tests - for better code everyday.


Helping drug companies make better decisions.


Re-train for a new career with no up-front costs


Make work meaningful AI powered wellbeing & performance platform helping companies and employees unlock their full human potential.

Forest Admin

Gear up your business teams with the internal tools they deserve without wasting time on coding them.


courseticket is the most flexible “all in one” Digital Learning & Development Platform - merging Live Streaming, E-learning & E-commerce into Online Marketplaces.


Hobbycorn is a mobile application that enables you to discover hobbies you have never heard of, learn, plan, and also track them regularly.


CryptoCaptain is the first information service for crypto investors helping them time their buys and sells of Bitcoin & co using AI-powered sentiment analytics.

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