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Blazing fast low latency remote desktop built for creatives

Stand 8

Build Awareness, Make Better Choices, Get Better Results with Stand 8, the Journal, Productivity and Habit App focused on well-being!


Create, store, share & manage your Personal Financial Statement (PFS) online.


Effie is a light, clean, yet powerful markup-based writing and mind-mapping software that works on Windows, Mac and iOS.


No-code data analysis & interactive visualizations


Track and Analyze your net worth


We Are - We Automate IoT Cybersecurity


Same Day Device Repair Services for Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers

Quality Reviews Inc.

Q-Reviews is a real-time digital engagement platform that gives patients and employees a voice to share their feedback.

PCL Health

PCL Health is a connected care and health analytics ecosystem to empower independent lifestyle and wellbeing of older adults using innovative technology.

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