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AI-powered digital contract management software


Enterprise ready webhooks service


OneStop Solution For Your Robotic Welding Machine Parts

Prophaze WAF

Zero-Configuration Web Application and API Protection for Kubernetes


QuSecure, Inc. is the leading quantum security company providing end-to-end quantum security solutions protecting the enterprise and government from both classical and quantum cyber-attacks.


SaaS platform for conversational AI solutions


We help Builders, Architects & General contractors to deliver quality project in budget on time.


Blockchain node infrastructure for building apps. Get API access to 40+ networks: BTC, ETH, BSC, MATIC, etc.

Really a Robot

Innovative Danish startup founded to push the limits of robotics and save lives with automation, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

Verofax Limited

Verofax is an asset tracing platform that empowers businesses to increase consumer satisfaction, boost productivity and build impactful relationships across the supply chain.

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