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Cloud Packers Movers

You need it We shift it.


An intelligent calorie and weight tracking assistant that learns with you.


1:1 live workouts with a random partner from all over the world


Take Control of Anxiety by Creating Healthy Habits


StretchMinder is an app designed for people who spend most of their day sitting behind a desk and want to make a positive change in their lifestyle to improve their overall health, productivity, and w


The future of physical therapy is taking shape

Vivafit App

Vivafit is a fitness app based on AI-technologies which replaces workouts with a personal trainer


Get personalized recommendations and dashboards based on your fitness data

Mind Body Aware Games

Free apps for mental life gymnastics


One of two people is suffering because of musculoskeletal health problems (pain, weakness, injuries, etc). MoovBuddy is a friend that offers academically proven exercises and advice for wrong daily ha

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