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Custody Bot

Custody Bot is an automatic robotized pawnshop with gold buying/selling functions

Funnel Wolf

1 Place to build Websites and Sales Funnels.


A subscription box for investors containing products from emerging consumer brands raising capital


We make teams more agile by providing fun retrospectives, one on one meetings, and morale tracking.

Content Funnel

Blog Content as a Service for SaaS Companies and Agencies


Enjoy programming like never before


Built for parents. Designed for kids. Made for families.


Qanairy is an intelligent test automation tool that helps companies test websites and web apps for bugs and errors by using AI to find, create, and repair UI tests for quality assurance.


Raise funds for your Startup with over 10K+ investors

Prisim Animations

We provide an easy learning experience for beginners and a fun place to share your content!

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