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Same Day Device Repair Services for Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers

Futurizta Tech

Futuristic gadget that simplify people's life


MayMaw-a pet tech company, focuses on developing, producing and selling pet-related innovative products.

The Stick Company

IMStick is the game-changing solution in the world of mounts for gadgets.


Curated lists of journalists to get press for your startup


We are a new tech hardware startup focusing on Everyday Lifestyle Smart Gadget based in Indonesia Jakarta as there are very limited startup here that focused on tech hardware like us.

Tech Sparkle

TechSparkle is providing latest tech news that helps to tech community update with latest trending news and update their knowledge.

isitfed Wi-Fi scanner

isitfed Wi-Fi scanner is a small gadget that discovers nearby Wi-Fi devices.


focusing on your events


The Healthtainment gadget

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