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Blazing fast low latency remote desktop built for creatives

Foresight Esports

An EdTech platform for both career and personal growth of gamers, fans, and streamers.

Name Generator Online

One Click name Generator for your startup business, novels, game characters and babies


One of two people is suffering because of musculoskeletal health problems (pain, weakness, injuries, etc). MoovBuddy is a friend that offers academically proven exercises and advice for wrong daily ha

Brink Bionics Inc

Impulse is a wearable cybernetic reaction time enhancement for gamers. Impulse uses AI and a nervous system interface to predict user movements for mouse click actions.


It is an all in one social network for gamers and game makers


Play skill games and win cash prizes!


Guilded makes it easier for online gaming teams to recruit, strategize, and plan events, and for players to find teams to play with.


Gamers Make The Best Traders

Game Records

Gaming Social Network

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