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Streamline your Small Business with MyLenio!


Save time. Save Money. Save the planet.


AI Personalized Product Recommendations for E-commerce

My Review Sidekick

My Review Sidekick is a simple tool that helps businesses get more reviews on websites like Google or Facebook - in less than 5 minutes a week.

Powered by AI, DNA is the easiest, fastest and smartest way to advertise on the top online ad networks.


Never lose your project files, notes, folders, and links. Share them with your team in one workspace, in real-time.

Envy News

The daily, top-rated, FREE business newsletter... Envy News!


Google Workflow Made Easy

Generate high-performing product descriptions, ad variants, taglines, landing pages & blog posts. See how your ads would actually look once deployed. Edit & manage your copy.


Statusly is a Slack bot that helps you automate your Slack status and DND/away settings with Powerful Routines.

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