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Dreamwave AI Photo Generator

The best AI photo generator for high-quality custom photos of yourself in any style, scene, or background


Get noticed, get opened, get results - UniqMail's AI ensures your emails never go unnoticed.


Expand your vocabulary as you browse

Dreamwave AI Headshots

Next-generation, high quality AI headshots without the AI look.


Booknetic is a WordPress appointment scheduling plugin that allows customization and automation of online bookings.


A personal, customizable widget dashboard that integrates 20+ apps and tools in one browser tab.

Local Ranking

Local SEO Tool for optimizing your Google Business Profiles

Pulse Checker & Breathing

Free calming pulse monitor with breathing exercises in mobile phone


PlanningPME is an employee scheduling solution. It allows you to manage resources, tasks, customers, interventions and projects.


Tanoshi is an educational technology company that's on a mission to prepare all kids for a digital future.

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