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Record anything in one place, reflect on your life, form habits, reduce stress, sleep better, feel calmer, and happier through guided journaling

Ladder: Daily Wellness Tracker

Mental health powered by data


Get personalized recommendations and dashboards based on your fitness data

Bee Informed

Your subscription should be your thing. Follow incognito with a simple scan of QR code. Real opt-out. No personal data left anywhere during subscription.


Know when you'll be worth $1 million

Club Walrus

Mobile banking for Teenagers in India

Album Daily

An easily digestible music recommendation newsletter, sent out daily or weekly


Coinwink helps people to develop better cryptocurrency management and trading habits.

Quit Vaping

Quit Vaping aims to help you put down the vape by providing valuable information and a supportive community.


Mealz is a SaaS platform that allows food brands to create recipe hubs and excel at recipe marketing.

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