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Magic Dust

Best Natural Hair Care Products online


Make your stripe transactions a bank feed in so you can automatically reconcile and have accurate records.

Salon Blocs

Salon Blocs is a salon membership software that is designed to provide, a very easy way to setup and manage, membership plans in any salon.


Chat directly with your favorite brands and get all your queries answered via our chatbot


Our products are designed to relieve dry and itchy scalp for those who have a case of trichotillomania.


The Real Estate Network

Eaglehawk Dental

Eaglehawk Dental - State of the art equipment and same day dental emergency


Engage in conversations about what matters to you


A search engine app that connects users with merchants. Think Uber for Services


Use BetterBack for 15 mins a day to improve your posture, ease back pain and improve your health.

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