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Victa is the first gaming running app, maintaining user's journey to their results by merging fitness with an addictive game and NLP chatbot.

Pulse Checker & Breathing

Free calming pulse monitor with breathing exercises in mobile phone


Technology to improve pets' health and wellness

Ultra Healthcare

Ultra Healthcare Trusted & Reliable Health Solution

Luna 2.0

We are Luna 2.0, Period Cramps Massager

Softhunters Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Modern Age Web Design & Website Development

Apollo Information Centre

Health Consultant & Medical Tourism India

Kilo Health for Business

Healthier people. Healthier business

AirClean Filters

Air Conditioner Filters for Home & Office - AirClean Filters : Air Clean Filters


Our industry-leading vetting service ensures that doctors, dentists, and veterinarians receive the best virtual medical assistant in their market.

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