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GovShop is a single place to search, find, and connect with suppliers for the public sector market.

Time Studio

Let AI track your time, while you focus on work. Time Studio logs your activity and recognizes patterns to track your time, allowing you concentrate and improve your workflow.


Graphics for complexity


GroundControl is the all-in-one Innovation platfrom, designed to help innovation managers and their startups grow their innovation ecosystem.


Statice helps companies drive agility and unlock the value from their data with privacy-preserving synthetic data

NeuXP Group

Empower your digital finance journey and transforms your digital banking experience in Europe.


Improving Patient Care one encounter at a time


Find actionable growth tips for indie founders, makers and curious leaders without wasting time on blogs.


The Fastest Way to a Fortune 500 Job


Eastly is your weekly infusion of all the top tech stories from the world’s innovation powerhouse: East Asia.

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