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WooberlyEats - UberEats clone

on-demand food delivery platform


Watch your website through the lens of your users


Snackeet is a web story builder that lets you design interactive landing pages to engage your audience, collect leads, and launch surveys.


Effie is a light, clean, yet powerful markup-based writing and mind-mapping software that works on Windows, Mac and iOS.

Direct delivery engagement and route planning SaaS


Dista is an AI-enabled location intelligence platform that optimizes field operations and enhances customer experiences.


RamSync is the first intuitive knowledge management system, designed to quickly build your note database through connected thoughts.


Create local delivery routes in seconds


Hi, My name is Sam and i am running a company in india with the name TixeGeek Tech OPC pvt ltd., Currently we have launched new product which will be the cheap alternative to hotjar and best alterna

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