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A global platform for monetizing skills, professional expertise and hobbies.


Terminal session sharing and collaborative coding from your own IDE as straightforward as sharing a URL, powered by our open-source terminal workspace Zellij!

Intentive technologies

Kommunicate is a human+bot hybrid platform for real-time, proactive, and personalized support for growing businesses.


Smart 2-Way Omnichannel Messaging Platform, for Businesses, IoT, Metaverse, and the Blockchain.


Think Reddit meets Snapchat

EZ Transaction

EZ Transaction is a unique all-in-one app to help all businesses and consumers in the US to conduct online transactions, including making purchases with ease.


Buy in to co-own a business. Sell equity to onboard experts.


Unit of Daksh Infosoft PVT LTD


Loomly, the all-in-one brand success platform that helps your team collaborate seamlessly.

Apex Scoring System

APEX Scoring System is a brand tracking and marketing reporting software that scores audience engagement, builds better relationships, and grows organizational success - ask your audience the standard

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