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Qualee Technology

We make it simple for companies to create exciting employee experiences that will empower your talent to be their best. Every day.


Mobile learning app with short interactive videos


Modern solution for your personal paperwork.


User recordings, heatmaps, funnel drop analysis, and app analytics for mobile apps

Daily Tunes

The simplest app for worldwide listening to your favourite internet radio.


Mindleap is a mobile app that allows you to work with psychedelic aftercare specialists, to make the most of past psychedelic experiences.


Access 7500+ Startup Investors and 1500+ VC Firms


Digital OTT Experience Platform For Global Audience


Filerobot helps your teams store, process, share and accelerate images, videos and static content on any web and mobile applications across the World.


Hobbycorn is a mobile application that enables you to discover hobbies you have never heard of, learn, plan, and also track them regularly.

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