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Roibox for Google Ads

Turn your data from Google Ads into actionable insights


The most flexible management platform for Infrastructure as Code


Future products can be confident in product market fit because we will crowdsource the market to guide your product and its features


Loomly, the all-in-one brand success platform that helps your team collaborate seamlessly.

Smart Engines

Smart ID Engine - fast, secure, private and precise ID card, passport, and drivers license, barcode, MRZ, bank card scanning and recognition software.

Acme Infolabs

Complete Online marketing solutions


Monthly cards is a local business optimization SaaS


AI Personalized Product Recommendations for E-commerce

Livlia Kft

Livlia is a real estate ecosystem. We build trust through consistency. CEE Proptech Startup at its best.

War Room

Take the fear out of digital advertising

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