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AI Personalized Product Recommendations for E-commerce

Livlia Kft

Livlia is a real estate ecosystem. We build trust through consistency. CEE Proptech Startup at its best.

War Room

Take the fear out of digital advertising

BioSeek JSC

BioSeek Mobile - next generation search for life sciences: fast, efficient, free - we make searching less painful!


SiteAnalyzer - Website SEO Crawler for scan and technical audit of the websites

MPG Plugin

The Multiple Pages Generator plugin is perfect for creating an unlimited number of landing pages with personalized content and searchable URLs from a single, easily manageable template and CSV file.


GrowthPlug enables healthcare practices to accelerate patient acquisition, manage online reputation, and automate front desk operations.


Get JUICE Onboard & Maximize ROI


Automate the most annoying parts of making stuff


Social Proof And Better Conversions In A Few Minutes

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