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Permutable AI provides high-impact solutions to companies that care about their reputational risk and investment decisions

Stand 8

Build Awareness, Make Better Choices, Get Better Results with Stand 8, the Journal, Productivity and Habit App focused on well-being!


Discover authentic business information


Free, vetted ebooks and guides powering social reading for professionals.


memoryKPR allows you to save, store, design and protect your story, forever

MiloTree Easy Payments

MiloTree Easy Payments sell memberships, workshops, coaching, and services in under 15 minutes!


Anyone, no matter their background, can build and automatize an investment portfolio in just a few minutes.

Xono Online

We help people report wrongdoing in a safe way

Onne for Business

Onne is a simpler and organised way to do business.


End-to-end email encryption for your existing email address.

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