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SaaS Startup Kit

Open-source project of Go code to bootstrap your software-as-a-service startup.

Code Story

A podcast featuring tech leaders, reflecting on the roads they travelled and the products they created.


Keep track of the emergence of new trends and hypes before everyone else learns about them


Range develops coordination tools that help you stay in sync and feel like a team, so you can do your best work together.


Empowering Users to become true Owners of the internet


EventBank is a cloud platform that helps events and association/chamber of commerce professionals engage their audience with a plethora of tools like event microsite building, email campaigns, ticketi


Easiest way to share contact info from your phone to someone else’s phone


All-in-one, API first collaborative database platform.


Small business loan marketplace, compare and shop direct for best financing options.


The awesome way to manage your projects

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