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vigtec is making complex investing easy with the first-of-its-kind algo-driven investment decision-making platform for stocks, options, mutual funds, ETFs and futures.


Modern, easy-to-use jobboard software


Quickly build and share KPI dashboards using MySQL


Tired of price guarantee program because no app shows price comparison by identical product. There is solution for that, addresses the issue with unique algorithm


Nutrition platform for dietitians, nutritionists & coaches powered by AI. Improve client retention & success rates with our mobile app.

Clean Beauty for Women of Color

Prompt API

Prompt API is an API marketplace targeted for developers and /or startup founders.

Custody Bot

Custody Bot is an automatic robotized pawnshop with gold buying/selling functions

Luna App

The new way of tracking, splitting, and sharing your finances with your loved ones.


Pure Aire for your family

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