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Insight Mailer

Increase Amazon Reviews/Ratings organically to win the Buy Box share.

Top Rating SEO

Top Rating SEO has generated millions in new revenue for our clients through organic traffic and we can do the same for you. We dominate competition!

Quality Driven Software

Quality Driven Software is a customer feedback tool designed to help service companies identify and correct poor customer satisfaction performance proactively.


Eventsurvey360 Degree Solution of Instant Customer Feedback


Juree helps you get feedback on your photos.


Real Users Business Software Reviews, and top business software comparison


Review platform that helps people connect to International Medical Providers.


First and best Web Assistance Platform. Rate sites, read and write comments all over the web!


Got Talent, don't just flaunt it, monetize it too

Perspexi Labs

Real-time customer satisfaction data via text messages to boost online reviews and improve customer retention

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