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Music Blobs

Browse through music that has been on "Top 50" charts.

Good, Cheap and Fast

Find good, inexpensive products in 5 minutes or less.


The bureaucracy to register a new living address at the government and the hassle to settle in.


Free database of book recommendations by world-class people

Blair Dods

A content discovery platform that drives content recommendations to your target audience, helping to amplify your content and connect with customers


UP2CHOICE is a personalized discovery platform, saving you time finding outstanding restaurants, dining happenings, dishes and drinks.


PathBase optimizes career-building by helping you discover experiences to build your dream job faster.

Palate Club

Make every wine tasting personal with the easiest wine club


We collaborate with startups and enterprises to design, develop, and deliver products that define the future


Kolu is a mobile app that uses mutual interests to match travelers with local guides for customized walking tours and recommendations of cities.

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