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PCL Health

Revolutionising elderly care with innovative technology

Legends of Tech

Where Tech Legends Teach the World their Craft. Monetize consistently by sharing your expertise with the world.


Free, vetted ebooks and guides powering social reading for professionals.


Terminal session sharing and collaborative coding from your own IDE as straightforward as sharing a URL, powered by our open-source terminal workspace Zellij!


The App SamSaidYes allows you to create events for free, invite your guests, interact and share moments effortlessly.

PCL Health

PCL Health is a connected care and health analytics ecosystem to empower independent lifestyle and wellbeing of older adults using innovative technology.


Online booking platform

Onne for Business

Onne is a simpler and organised way to do business.

Blanc AI

AI magic crushing language barriers in video production industry.


MiniLive is a short video making and sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second to 60-second videos on any topic.

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