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Expert Lift Design Application/Software, Lift Traffic Analysis - Adsimulo


Explore Competitions, Jobs & Internships, Fests, Scholarships, Workshops from around the globe.


Easiest to administer, email-driven security awareness training platform.


Quickskills is a SaaS that includes LMS and designer tool to create adaptive learning content (simulations, courses and tests).


We predict stock, fx and commodities market with continuously learning AI algorithms.

War Clicks

War Clicks is exciting browser simulation game that will take you on an amazing journey to becoming one of the most powerful soldiers out there! :)

HTTP Toolkit

Powerful tools to debug, test & build with HTTP


Gravity simulation in a puzzle game

Interview Mocha

Interview Mocha is a Pre-employment skill testing solution with 1000+ ready skill tests, advanced simulators and excellent support in the creation of custom tests.

BP Simulator

An accessible tool to improve business performance - always at your fingertips.

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