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The Neighborly App

A local social network where users can buy and sell goods or services from people in their neighbourhoods


Essteem organizes social impact-driven Equalithons (hackathons for equality) to connect tech companies with diverse tech talent to recruit and hire for a diverse and inclusive work culture.


Make an eye-catching profile pic to explode your social media growth without design skills, powered by AI


A social marketplace for creators, businesses, and influencers to buy and sell digital goods and services.


Competitor marketing reports straight to your inbox.


Sodainmind is a tech incubator that focuses on helping clients to form their first digital team in the areas of technology, marketing and design.


Fourview is an ad-free, revenue sharing social network puts privacy back in the users’ hands.


Juiice is an online social media and entertainment platform. As we know that traffic on the app or website is the most vital component to boost sales.


Increase conversions & site growth

SafeSpace Corona Safety Solution

Make your place Corona Proof.

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