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Sodainmind is a tech incubator that focuses on helping clients to form their first digital team in the areas of technology, marketing and design.

Working Den

Working Den helps people overcome the mental and physical problems they experience by working from home.

Clim8 Invest

Make an impact on climate change with your savings

The Design Story

The design story is a weblog for cutting-edge news and development in architecture and design, and a curated shop of design products.


First female-focused, all-natural nootropic


Achieve carbon neutrality with GreenWise! Automatically assess your company’s environmental impact by easily connecting third-party services to your GreenWise account. The rest is on us!

Techsign DOC

Techsign DOC Agreement Cloud: Verifiable digital signature to sign paperless


Serverless open source ecommerce webshop

Monetize your website with Arc

Make money and accelerate your website


Impartial Multi-Touch Attribution

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