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KudosBot helps spread positivity in the work place by giving you a mechanism to recognize your best employees.


Shreddo is a library to store your repeatable tasks for later and search community created workflows before starting unfamiliar tasks.


Europe's first AI powered catering service - organising lunch that everyone loves.


Qanairy is an intelligent test automation tool that helps companies test websites and web apps for bugs and errors by using AI to find, create, and repair UI tests for quality assurance.

Mockup Page

Digital agencies can increase sales and improve productivity with Mockup Page

Rethink My Healthcare

Affordable Healthcare for Everyone


SaaSi empowers your team and eliminates waste by providing visibility into your software usage.

Code Story

A podcast featuring tech leaders, reflecting on the roads they travelled and the products they created.


Keep track of the emergence of new trends and hypes before everyone else learns about them


Range develops coordination tools that help you stay in sync and feel like a team, so you can do your best work together.

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