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FleetDeck is a new Remote Desktop & Virtual Terminal solution, tailored for techs to securely manage large fleets of computers


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Revain is a Global and independent review platform based on blockchain. Authentic and high-quality user reviews on all global products and services Tools which allow other services to integrate Revain

Video Game Finder

a website to find video games based on a screenshot.

Biomance Technology

Whether it's tracking and managing your portfolio, buying and selling crypto, or discovering new coins, our mobile app Fire Crypto Portfolio is the easiest way to do it!


We maximize learner's engagement and reach up to 90% higher knowledge retention.

Indie Boost

Get your game in the hands of thousands of verified Press, YouTubers and Streamers, in minutes. All your outreach in one place.


Kick addiction while tracking it! And in the future - replace it entirely!


Turning Imagination into Reality!

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