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The Referral Network

The Referral Network
The Referral Network

Non-profit by Cal alumni for recruiting cal students

We are going to be running this as a community not as a startup.

The goal is to help Berkeley students to connect them to like-minded alumni. We have a pretty strong community in the CS community and people outside the CS community have gotten excited about it.

We will be helping students connect to alumni directly. We also will be able to use our presence to not let recruiters exploit students by pressurizing them with unreasonable deadlines and by not responding to applications.

We are the voice of the students and that is only thing important to us. We want to fix Berkeley problems first because we care about each other. As a community we are very diverse yet we are very driven and personal + career growth is always the goal. We want to give the student a good platform to leverage their talent by linking them to the right people.

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