Powerful Web Testing tool. Tests hundreds of links at a click

400-Force gives the ability toenjoy the full benefits of being part of the best practices that exist today in the field.

The company is here to deliver the perfect QA quality, in the easiest way possible - no need for meetings/special adjustments/special processes, once the company has the customer's URL, it is all what it needs in order to start testing.

The model used is to provide the customers tests on a regular basis, 400-Force provides 5-16 tests per month,in each test hundreds of links can be tested (basec on the website size), and bugs are reported.

There is no limitations to the number of bugs, the company is able to produce even dozens-hundreds of bugs per single test.

Right now, the product finds performance issues and broken links, we are working on adding more testing types (security, visual, etc.).

After each test, the program provides a test summary file, which concludes the testing results.

Location: Massad, Israel

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