The Paperless Post of Thank You Video Cards.

ThankView allows anyone to customize, record and send the personalized video thank you messages in 1/5th of the time and at a fraction of the cost of paper cards. It's perfect for anyone looking to say thank you to a large number of people, making it ideal for newlyweds, new parents, and businesses.

Users customize their opening, animated design with photos, music, envelopes, colors and personal information. They can add recipients one-by-one or automatically upload a list. Then they record - each video message becomes more personal than what paper can communicate. And because of the focus on efficiency, the average customer can record and send over 150 ThankViews in 2 hours (compared to 10+ hours with handwritten, non-green alternatives).

The idea was born from the founders to want to enjoy the thank you process following his own wedding, having heard horror stories from married friends. With over 2 million weddings in the USA every year, this market alone is ripe for disruption. But ThankView is ideal for any event or business need - new parents can show off the baby and businesses can build relationships with customers.

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