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Welcome to, your gateway to exploring, showcasing, learning, and collaborating in the dynamic realms of robotics and AI. Whether you're a seasoned professional, dedicated academic, aspiring researcher, enthusiastic hobbyist, or simply a curious mind, our platform invites you to join us on a mission to make robotics and AI accessible worldwide.

In an ever-evolving field like robotics, significant advancements and breakthroughs are inevitable. We firmly believe that democratizing access to robotics knowledge is essential for dispelling uncertainties and embracing future developments with confidence and understanding.

Addoobot isn't merely a platform for professionals, academics, researchers, and hobbyists to share their projects and connect with collaborators. It's a vibrant ecosystem where anyone with an interest in robotics can immerse themselves in learning, exploration, entertainment, and much more—all at no cost.

Drawing from our profound understanding of robotics, we acknowledge that the needs of industry professionals may differ from those of academics or the broader public. Therefore, we're committed to continuously developing features and tools that cater to diverse needs, with ongoing plans for further enhancements.

In addition to robotics, we also offer a curated selection of AI Tools (, distinguished by our unique approach. Unlike other directories, we maintain a focus on quality, offering a concise yet meticulously chosen array of 1000 to 1500 tools. Through regular updates and curation, we ensure that our list evolves over time, prioritizing quality over quantity to streamline your search and mitigate the "Paradox of Choice."

Location: Sydney, Australia

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