Reliable AI Agent For Businesses AgentX provides an easy solution for creating and publishing AI agents

Free access to ChatGPT 4, Gemini Pro, Claude 3, AI image generation, AI video generation

Build the most reliable chatbot with no hallucination & minimal human intervention

Train it with your knowledge and give it tools to use

Generate business leads and integrate with Zapier

Create high-quality images and video clips

Publish to multiple channels with a breeze

Explore more on “Agent Space”

Precise Response: RAG (retrieval augmented generation) powered response with no hallucination.

Intention Detection: Set triggers based on detecting user’s intention.

Lead Generation and Conversion: Capture leads and get notified in email.

Multi-model: Pick your favorite AI model such GPT4, Gemini, Claude2, or Image generation.

Knowledge: Extensive embedding knowledge base from the web or documents of your choice.

Deployment and Integration: Deploy your agent to website, Discord, Agent Space, and more.

Real-Time Analytics: Gain insights into real-time lead and interaction analytics.

Location: SF, usa

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