Aidelly revolutionizes digital marketing for SMBs and nonprofits by offering an AI-powered platform that seamlessly generates and unifies brand messaging across all channels, dramatically enhancing online presence and engagement in one smart move.

Aidelly, an virtual “AI -Marketing Director” for hire. The AI assistant learns your brand from your website content and customizes your outbound marketing campaigns with your brand imagery and voice - all for a monthly subscription fee.
Now business owners, marketing officers, non-profits and marketing agencies can leverage the efficiencies of AI without sacrificing the consistency of their brand. As information overload occurs, businesses rely on the “look and feel” and voice of their brand to help customers recognize their business and trust them among a crowd of competitors. This brand trust is a valuable asset that increases engagement and converts into sales.

Aidelly enables you to take advantage of AI while also unifying your specific, brand image and company voice across all communication channels. This consistency of branding used on a regular basis creates credibility for your company. A force multiplier effect occurs as Aidelly tools help you amplify your marketing efforts to produce more output while simultaneously building brand recognition.
Aidelly is the first advanced prompting service that empowers marketers to save time with content generation while still maintaining brand engagement. Marketers want to maintain the authenticity of their brand and to access AI without the need to develop personal AI expertise,
Aidelly solve that problem for companies by automatically customizing content for them with brand elements.

Aidelly’s AI saves significant amounts of time and effort and provides access to advanced AI capabilities without investing into a learning curve.
A convenient dashboard offers multiple tools to amplify marketing efforts to gain more visibility online and produce more customer engagement. The subscription-based service makes it feasible for small to mid-sized businesses to control costs while gaining the advantages of marketing with AI and developing brand recognition at the same time.

Location: Atlanta, USA

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