Alcohol Label Recognition API

Alcohol Label Recognition API
Alcohol Label Recognition API

Analyze images & identify 10 types of alcoholic beverages

Alcohol Label Recognition API is designed to analyse pictures containing one or several alcohol labels and provide detailed information about the type of each beverage (beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, bourbon, brandy, cognac, rum, tequila, liquor) along with its unique properties.

Key features:
- It employs a combination of image recognition and OCR technologies. This approach allows our solution to determine the vintage with a high degree of accuracy, assuming the vintage year is visible on the label.
- Our enhanced solution is capable of identifying multiple labels within a single image.
- The solution does not require the initial filing of the database with image labels or training of algorithms; it is designed to work out-of-the-box.

Important key point related to our solution: the Alcohol Label Recognition API goes far beyond being merely a wine recognition tool! :) We offer support for a diverse array of beverages, recognizing distinct characteristics for each.

Here’s a breakdown of the drinks we cover and the specific properties we can identify:
- Beer: brewery, country, ABV, and type
- Wine: winery, country, variety, vintage, and region
- Vodka: brand and country
- Whiskey: brand, country, and malt types (such as single, double, blended)
- Bourbon: brand and country
- Brandy: brand, country, and aging categories (e.g., VS, VSOP, XO)
- Cognac: brand, country, and aging categories (e.g., VS, VSOP, XO)
- Rum: brand, country, and color
- Tequila: brand, country, ABV, and color
- Liqueur: brand, country, ABV, color, and base

Location: Concord, United States

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