Analyzing alternative stock and crypto data from across the internet.

• Make Better Investment Decisions With Alternative Data
Get unique AI stock picks, stock alerts, and thousands of alternative insights. Complement your due diligence with AltIndex.

• Unique AI stock picks
Unlock smarter investing with AltIndex’s AI Stock Picks. Boasting a 80% win rate, advanced algorithms sift through thousands of stocks daily, offering you top-notch buy or sell signals.

• Get Impactful Stock Alerts
Cutting-edge solutions that enables you to stay informed of any developments related to companies in your portfolio. By signing up with us, you'll get impactful stock alerts whenever a company experiences a surge in popularity on social media platforms such as Reddit, an uptick in webpage traffic, or a shift in employee satisfaction levels, among other critical indicators. Our platform leverages advanced algorithms and data analytics tools to provide you with real-time insights that can inform your investment decisions.

Location: California, United States

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