All-In-One Website Engagement

12 powerful tools including live chat, meeting schedule, FAQ, testimonials and more. All in one simple button.

Once you realize how many different tools are needed to engage more website visitors, you'll see why Birdseed is the solution you've always needed!

We started BirdSeed because of a real problem. Our founder owned a company which helped businesses monitor their vehicles and while the service attracted many website visitors, only 5% ever followed through.

Even a small increase in conversions would have drastically improved the bottom-line. We've learned that many businesses share the same challenge, so we created BirdSeed.

Imagine you want to attract many birds to your backyard and you want them to stay as long as possible. There is no way to know what types of birds may visit, so you use a blend of different foods to feed more birds. This keeps them longer and ensures they remember YOUR yard to revisit.

We've learned that you can attract website visitors in a similar way. Because of their communication preferences, buying cycle stage and your ability to respond real-time, you need a blend of tools to engage more visitors, make them want to stay longer and come back later.

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