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Share Moments That Matter

Use Blinx wherever there is a group of people and something worth sharing taking place.

View, share, and search what's happening around you, anonymously or publicly.

Blinx is excellent for use in your neighborhood, at a party, museum, sporting event, wedding, concert, graduation, etc.

Wherever you are, use Blinx to view the perspective of other attendees around you, or share what you see in the moment.

You can now add Blinx to your Apple Watch to view online users, and start streams, right from your wrist. Don't forget to add Blinx to your glance, for quick and easy access to who's online, near you.

Only in the 27th row? That's fine. Use Blinx to drool over the view of that lucky guy in row four or check the length of line at the concession stand.

Blinx uses iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy functionality and connectivity, so you can view what’s happening around you live, and from different vantage points.

Please Note: even though videos on Blinx are not stored on our servers, and they expire after they are recorded, we cannot prevent a recipient(s) from capturing and saving these videos using image or video capturing devices.

Blinx. Share Moments That Matter.

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