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Blobeo - The eLearning marketplace

Blobeo is a marketplace for learners to connect with instructors who offer interactive live online courses. This is a platform to learn from a verified industry expert. No matter your age or profession, Blobeo provides a powerful eLearning environment for you to learn with a purpose.

Any individual can design and offer a course on Blobeo, provided their qualification and experience in the subject can be verified. Blobeo's intelligent profile verification uses LinkedIn and other social platforms to validate an instructor.

If you love to share a piece of your wisdom, Blobeo enables you to uncover your hidden tutoring talent and make it as a key income source. You will also connect with enthusiasts in your profession and outside, thereby building your personal brand.

Blobeo is more than teaching or learning online, it also establishes a connect. It is a blob for your future - next dream job, research programs, career guidance, homework support, technology advisory or even start-up mentoring.

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