Budgy 2

Budgy 2
Budgy 2

Your best free budget assistant on the go!

Budgy is a free app that helps to manage budget and expenses for solo, business, and group travels.
Budgy is syncing your friends to record and see statistics of all the shared transactions and exchanges to make travels more fun with proper budgeting and tracking of spending. Not just that, the map feature ensures you and your friends get to enjoy your travels as you’ll be reminded when to spend money on entertainment.
— Record transactions and payable amount amongst group of friends
— Manage your finances efficiently on solo and business travels
— Track trip budgets easily with organized stats
— No more reminders, receipts, and spreadsheets!
Budgy saves you from awkward situations where money is on the line, and so are friends!
Budgy 2 is a totally redesigned version of our first app with a lot of new features and interface. The app is absolutely free, we do it for friends during free time and actually, we are doing the app which we like to use by ourself.
Let friends stay friends while traveling, splitting the bill, or in any situation where money is involved.

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