Carom is a contact and file management system that's built on email, so there's no data entry and you have your entire relationship history in one place.

Rather than requiring you to enter and manage data across different "productivity" tools, we put together a contact database from the people you've emailed and a cloud file storage system from the attachments you've sent and received. Carom can also be your full-service email client, with built-in tools like snooze for messages you're not ready for and reminders when you don't get a response. And, of course, it's all integrated: when you view a contact, you see the files and conversations you've exchanged; when you view a file, you see every time it was sent. But it's not just about viewing your data: our task manager helps you keep track of what needs to happen next.

And Carom was built for collaboration. You can create unlimited mailboxes, shared across users, or you can share individual contacts, emails, or files from your own mailbox--with notifications and discussions included.

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