A re-imagined Twitter Tool

The new social media management platform will allow users to bulk upload tweets using just a list of URLs, DickyBird will get the image for you, a flaw other social media management platforms other not yet managed to integrate.

DickyBird also allows you to save your tweets into lists, so you don’t have to re-upload them once they have been posted, taking away the vast amount of ground work social media marketers have to endure on a daily basis. The lists can then be scheduled, started, paused or stopped and reused whenever you want to.

“There is no bulk upload feature that includes images on the market. Images on tweets is what makes you stand out and creates higher engagement and clicks, being able to do that at scale is invaluable to publishers, journalists and bloggers.” Co Founder Andy Day

“We found by using other social media management tools we were getting very little engagement and traffic, whilst putting in a lot of work and energy uploading posts. With DickyBird, it keeps everything on the platform and saves it, so you don’t spend hours scheduling.” Co Founder Steve McQueen

DickyBird will also boast the ‘humanise’ feature which will send tweets out at set frequency without having to set a date or time. Another great aspect of the platform is you can also have your tweets go out on a continual 24 cycle, giving you even more time to work on other things.

DickyBird offers bother freemium plans and monthly plans ranging from $20 PM to $100 PM.

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