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Directly Live

Set availability, take payments & do video calls quickly

You, as an expert, can now do video calls with your audience in under 2 minutes. Simply, set your price, availability, and start sharing. Voila! You are now ready to conduct a one to one video meeting with anyone around the world.

Who is it for?
If you are a creator, influencer, teacher, expert or an artist who wants to connect with your followers, then directly is what you need.
When you set your price and availability and your followers reach out to you, you can host virtual meetings with them, get into a q&a session, wish them personally on their special days, host live events, or just coach them on things that you can help them with.

You must be receiving multiple comments on your accounts and probably try to answer each one of them, but it is honestly time consuming and may not be fully satisfactory for your followers. With directly, you can now set up your availability and let them ask these questions privately over a video call. Your followers will feel more connected with you and you get paid for your time! Win win for both!

So as a creator you could start adding a message at the end of your content (videos, posts, reels etc) directing fans who want to engage more to your Directly page.

With Directly, you can create your profile, set up time that you are available for calls and how much you want to charge for your time. You can then use Directly for appointments, calls and payments.

We hope to be the one stop shop for knowledge economy creators to connect with their audiences irrespective of the medium and media.

How does it work? is the best tool for scheduling and conducting one-on-one meetings, collecting payments. It is a perfect tool to have for influencers, freelancers, artists, educators, and others.

Other tools used for scheduling may be effective and popular, but too often, they need too many integrations to actually do the meetings and scheduling effectively. solves this problem, giving all the benefits of those types of tools for everyone… but with none of the downsides. is a plug and play solution to book and conduct meetings without subscribing to any other tool or platform.

Our scheduler widget (coming up soon) can be integrated into a website and make it super simple for visitors to schedule a call directly from there.

Location: Noida, India

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