Dr. Prashant Daundkar Patil

Dr. Prashant Daundkar Patil
Dr. Prashant Daundkar Patil

Paralysis Treatment in Pune | Ayurvedic Clinic in Pune

Dr. Prashant Patil is qualified Ayurvedic doctors in pune has Ayurved Padvika. He is also specialized in panchakarma treatment in pune. We offer Arthritis treatment, Spondylosis Treatment, Paralysis Treatment, Diabetes Treatment, Infertility Treatment, Physiotherapist Treatment, Kidney Stone Treatment, Garbhasanskar Treatment, Psoriasis Treatment, Panchakarma Treatment, Coronary Heart Disease Treatment, Weight Loss Obesity Treatment, Digestive Disorders Treatment in Pune and PCMC area. We also provide Ayurvedic Treatments in Pune and PCMC area.

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